What could you do with $10.00? Grab a  meal? Buy a movie ticket?  How about change someone's life forever?


The answer is simple! It comes in the form of two decks of cards: Old Testament and New Testament. Every card is based on a major Bible story.  This method has proven to be very effective, especially in reaching the illiterate, over 1 billion people! For every set of cards you purchase, one is sent to those who have never heard of the Good News.


Here are three simple steps you can take to advance the Good News:


1) Look at billions of lost people around us.

2) Send gospel resources to unreached people by purchasing a set of cards for yourself, which simultaneously sends a set to them.

3) Share the stories of the Bible with your family and friends and bring the Good News to all nations! 


1-2-3, GO SHARE!!!